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July 31, 2020


Plant.mv is a sole ownership business which will be selling live plants of various types for indoor and outdoor. The plants will be bought from Male’ plant shops and sell to the islanders. This will include propagating the plants selling purpose. Plants.mv will be selling gardening tools and plant fertilizers essential types. It will also be renting the plants and trees for different events and decorative purposes.

Plant.mv will provide competitive pricing for its products, and will guarantee to match competitors' prices, but exceptional customer service and product knowledge will make it stand out to the target markets. The size of the inventory and the variety of choices for customers will have when choosing plants, trees, and supplies will make Plant.mv an attractive choice. Pricing for the plants will be according to the size and fertilization given to it. Sometimes customers ask very frequently from the plant sellers how to fertilize and water the plants properly. Plant.mv will guide through all the process and clear all the doubts with regard to gardening. These extra services will be its main plus point. 

The products Plant.mv are planning to sell are as follows

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