1.3: Problem Statement

November 01, 2019

The need of the study is to examine the teacher perceptions, practices and challenges of differentiated instruction in School.   At the same time to determine whether the use of differentiated instruction would improve students’ engagement in activities and their academic achievement and to identify ways for applying differentiated instruction.  If all teachers are able to provide differentiated instructions in every lesson all the students will benefit.  At the same time, based on my experience, if the lesson is differentiated, there are fewer chances of seeing misbehavior in the class and students’ engagement in activities is also increased.

When I was a student, once, our teacher told us to write an essay for a given topic.  There were students who took so much time to start writing that essay, while some of them could not even complete that task.  On the other hand, when the teacher provided many topics and gave a chance to choose an interesting area that we like to write, all students interestingly started writing.  At the same time, that difficult task changed to an easy and interesting task for all the students.  Not only this, in every differentiated lesson I myself feel that I can achieve the learning objectives.  That is when I was a student, now I am a teacher, now also I have the same feeling.  If I practice differentiation in the class I feel happy because that differentiation meets the learning needs of all the students.  So, I strongly believe practicing differentiated instruction in every lesson improves student engagement, interest to learn, motivation, and performances.  It is important because all the students are different from one another, and they learn in different ways and their interests and capabilities are also different.  

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