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What would the world be like without computers and telephones?

October 01, 2019

What would the world be like without computers and telephones?

Technology has become an important part of our life. Mobile and computers become the main way of communication. Anywhere we go, we see people busy with their phones and computer. If we are asked can we live without mobile phone? It is sad to say that some kids and people these days can’t survive without their mobile phones. We are really is addicted to electronic connections rather than true communication.
It is true that everyone needs fast pace nowadays due to quick access we have to pretty much anything and anyone. Computer and mobile phones help people to solve their problems. It helps to connect people who live in far away places.

Although computer and phones are essential for our day to day life. It make people who lives nearby them faraway. People forgot to smile or talk to people nearby them because of their mobile. Become lazier and rude to prefer to talk to someone on your phone rather than meeting up, if you are able to, in my opinion. Social skills are important to have and if you are not going to put effort into real-life communication, then you are not going to progress in this ability.
 Just imagine the world without mobile phone and computers. It is true that it will be difficult for business to run. Difficult to communicate people live far way place. But for true people will be happier than now. They will be socialized with each other. Kids will be more active and will be more intelligent. People can see the one who is sitting next to. So the world will be more fun and people will be happier.

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