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What rules should pertain to codes of dress in business workplaces.

October 14, 2019


A dress code is a set of standards that companies develop to help provide their employees with guidance about what is appropriate to wear to work. Business attire has changed significantly over the years, especially in the last 25 years. Too many people have forgotten why proper business attire is important. The major reason why dressing in proper business attire is important for every business professional is because it presents a visual image and sends a message that the employees are professional. In most cases, companies require a more formal mode of dress for any employee who interacts with customers. As an alternative – depending on your business model – you could consider a uniform approach. The dress code include not only a formal cloths or uniform your a attiring, it includes professional appearance and grooming. The professional appearance and grooming is important to gain positive impression and to respect a workplace.
In some professions, dress codes are so strict that you call them uniforms. You want everyone to know who the police officer is, for instance. If your company sends out plumbers or cable television installers, your employees are showing up in strangers' homes to do work. A uniform identifies them as the person hired and not some random guy off the street who wants to look at your toilet. 

Key points to remember when setting a dress code

  • Employers must avoid unlawful discrimination in any dress code policy.
  • Employers may have health and safety reasons for having certain standards.
  • Dress codes must apply to both men and women equally, although they may have different requirements.
  • Dress code must be acceptable to the social community or globally.
  • Reasonable adjustments must be made for disabled people when dress codes are in place.
  • The uniform have to be a good quality one and appearance look have to be professional.

Importance of dress code in business work place

Reflecting the Company's Goals and Visions

Employees are representatives of their workplace. The company’s goals and visions are reflected in who it chooses to hire. The standards for professional attire vary from industry to industry, so it is up to each place to choose its own rules. Even if someone works in an office with very little front-facing interaction, the general rule is everyone should dress as if their clients could come through the door at any moment. 

Creating Workplace Cohesion

An employer’s standard for dress codes creates a standard for visual cohesion. This allows employees to feel part of a group and lends itself to a feeling of all working toward one purpose. It’s also true that if one person dresses like it’s a cookout on the beach while another dresses in a suit and tie there is going to be some awkwardness.

Ensure pride and responsibility

Imagine your employees are all wearing smart clothing, such as a well-tailored suit, and there is someone on your team that is wearing ill-fitting clothing. Have a workplace dress code to ensure pride and responsibility among your employees. Everyone will know that they represent your company and will wear their uniforms with pride. Smart clothing or attiring well branded company uniform employees feel pride and will be motivated work as team, this will also have positive impact on productivity.


Your Company's objective in establishing a formal work dress code is to enable our employees to project the professional image that is in keeping with the needs of our clients and customers to trust us. Whatever else we think about dressing for success, we need to be reminded that first impressions are everything, and we only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Business employees always have to dress smart as any time may have to meet a customer or attend a business meeting. The set of dress code may differ in different industry. Dress code must include work safety and extend safety required will be high in some industry. Every should follow the dress the dress code set by the business in the work environment otherwise it may have a bad impact on business image.

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