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The technology of controlling computers and mobile phones using only brain activities

October 03, 2019

Imagine you have the ability to operate your mobile phone, tablet or pc using only the power of your mind. Thanks to a new mobile brain-machine interface (BMI) developed by Mind Solutions Inc.
The wearable device has a built-in single dry sensor, which picks up EEG signals from inside the user’s ear. This totally mobile and very user-friendly BMI was designed to operate smart phones and computers using brain signals. It does so by receiving the electrical signals, translating the “thoughts” into commands to activate the user’s electronic devices.
Mind Solutions Inc. is dedicated to creating devices that detect and process patterns of real-time brain activity created by the firing of neurons, and harnessing this to enable the user to control machines using only mind power. The company has developed a number of other BMI software solutions including:
Mind Master
This is an innovative gaming application that enables users to play their favorite computer games using their mind power. Mind Master can be used to play a number of games including Call of Duty and World of Warcraft using thought rather than relying on the traditional mouse and keyboard.

Mind Mouse
With Mind Mouse thought-controlled software the user can navigate the computer using the power of his/her mind. This includes clicking and double-clicking to open programs and compose and end emails.
Think Tac Toe
This is a mind controlled version of the traditional Tic Tac Toe game. The game is designed to improve the player’s cognitive abilities. It may be of particular benefit for the elderly and children with autism spectrum disorders or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) who need to increase their ability to concentrate.

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