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The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

October 07, 2019


     The Day I Become the Leading Teacher


Technology is a beneficial tool for teaching and learning in the classroom. Technology helps the teacher increase learner engagement, motivation and enhance opportunities for collaboration (Costley, 2014). If I were a leading teacher in a classroom, I would make the teacher utilize the Edulastic technology for formative assessments and evaluations. Edulastic is a web-based platform that works to help instructors monitor and assess through the mastery of standards (Sitkin, 2016). A teacher needs to register then set up his/her class and assignments to assess learning by question option. The teacher proceeds to invite students to submit their work. A report is then generated to show whether the work meets the set standards.
How to use Edulastic in formative assessments
           Edulastic enables a teacher to track student data related to learning standards. The teacher will create an assessment in the form of questions for the learners to practice and complete on the platform. Edulastic will then produce a report for each student score; the teacher can then note individuals that struggle with a specific standard and formulate individualized instructions (Sitkin, 2016). They can then choose to re-teach a standard to the whole class or an individual. By utilizing Edulastic, the teacher can review questions from the learner’s perspective and award flexible points depending on the student’s or class needs.
Benefits of Edulastic
Edulastic is an effective tool for standard-based concepts in learning. It provided timeless evaluations and identification of learners that need intervention. The teacher can, therefore, individualize learning without affecting the progress of other learners in the class. Edulastic also gives the learner an opportunity for personalized instruction and practice to master a concept or skill.
In conclusion, Edulastic is one of the best technology teachers can use to assess their students. Therefore, I would make the teacher utilize the Edulastic technology for formative assessments and evaluations.
As illustrated in image 1; the teacher can view both personalized and overall scores for assessments.
Image 1: 7th Grade- Math and ELA formative assessment (Edulastic, 2019)


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