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The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

October 05, 2019

The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

The objective of this assignment is as a leading teacher, how I would integrate technologies, to make our teachers use in their assessment and evaluation work. The major responsibilities of leading teachers are, to enhance the knowledge and performance of the teaching workforce in a school and develop policies relating to teaching and learning in the school. A leading teacher has a direct impact and influence on the achievement of the school goals.
Here I will be sharing the technological tool I will make our teachers to use in their assessment and evaluation works. However, we all agree that globally our educational systems are adopting new technologies to integrate ICT in the teaching and learning process. As I believe one of the best method to integrate in the teaching is Google classroom. Google classroom is designed for teachers and students to share ideas and resources with one another. This tool enables teachers to evaluate works faster, decreases the paperwork and eliminate the risk of losing worksheets and homework assignments. It helps teachers to assess student progress and can offer feedback along the way.
Students can join to the google classroom by accepting the invite or entering a code provided by their teacher. After joining to the class, students can start conversations with other students as well as privately with teacher. In real time, all of these tasks will be updated and the teacher can see how the students working and analyze how far students reached on the assigned task. Each student has their own google drive folder that allows students and teachers could access to previous work and can conduct the assessment as well.
As I concluded Google Classroom provides many benefits that could impact to the students’ progress, performance, ability and engagement of their learning. Therefore, as a leading teacher I will guide my teachers to use google classroom in their teaching to assess students for father effective and efficient learning.

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