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Social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses

October 06, 2019


Social network or social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. Social network is a huge audience that runs all the time every day in worldwide. People use social network different applications in their smart phone, tablets and computers. Some of the well-known applications are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram etc. According to (Dogtiev, 2018) in April 2018 Facebook monthly active users are 56% male and 44% female, roughly 2,2 billion people. Also in 2018 official Twitter statistics show 326 million monthly users actively used Twitter. These applications have ability to share live and recorded videos, photos, information and opinions whenever needed to the huge audience. Social media is opened for all from very young to too old ages and it is the easiest way to passing the messages to others. Social networking has removed the physical distance barrier and made it very quick and easy to connect with people living different part of the nation or even in the world. Because of the influence over our thinking process, socialization, leisure time, interested context, huge audience and easy access, social media became the biggest market for the businesses.

In this article I discussed on a topic about Social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses. For collecting information about the topic I searched internet and found a research from Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research done by a researcher (Ghoshal, 2019) on a topic Social Media as an Effective Tool to Promote Business- An Empirical Study. With the Keywords, brand loyalty; promotional tool; marketing strategy; social media marketing (SMM); social networking site; social media and online branding he has tried to find out the importance and effectiveness of social media as a marketing and promotional tool and to analyze the extent of influence of social media as a buying decision maker also find the gap between the customer’s expectation and social media performance. In this article I included only the most relevant result for my topic from his study.

Analyse Data in Relation to the Topic

This study was done in India. (Ghoshal, 2019), said, in 1991 after the liberalization in Indian Economy Policy Indian customers experienced a radical change in daily life, as well as in market place. He added the introduction of modern computers, laptop, tablet, internet, e-commerce, and m-commerce has had a tremendous impact on how business operates and promotes. As more and more new technologies are available, businesses houses willing to adopt them will gain big leverage over its competitor. Companies like, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google are ruling the world because they have adopted the changes in technology keeping in view of customer’s expectations and conveniences. Because of these technological improvement and customers convenient Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become the hottest medium of promotion for most of the companies irrespective of the private sector or public sector. Most of the entrepreneurs micro or small, medium or big are using social media for promotion as well as for lead generation. Entrepreneurs have realized the power of social media and its role in building brand image and customer relationship.

The descriptive research methodology study based on non-probability convenience sampling was conducted within 150 respondents, 85 respondents are male, and 65 respondents are female. For the purpose of data collection he prepared a questionnaire and then the questionnaire put over Google docs and a link was shared with the users of social media through mail, posted the link on various social network sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn etc. The respondents and the users of social network sites were also requested to share the link from their own profile.  

He explained and used bar charts, pie chart, and table to described the analysis. Below the details are given.

a) Descriptive Statistics

From table-1.1,   observe that out of 150 respondents, 85 respondents are male, and 65 respondents are female.  As per Govt. of India age categorization, the researcher has considered the respondents having age in between 18-30 years will be in the youth category.

Above table-1.2, interpret that Facebook is the leading social media network site, Snapchat and LinkedIn are also at the top of the list with 22.5 percent and 17.2 percent preference share.

 Motivational factor for social media users joining or following a brand in social network platforms varies from user to user. From table-1.3, we can see that the main reason for fans to join a brand page or brand is based on the brand name of the product. Advertising and friends invitation do also play an important role in selection of a brand or a product. Personal search is another important factor of public preference towards a brand page.

b)  Time Dedicated for Socializations

I n these days, social networking has become an important aspect of lifestyle. People are spending more than five to six hours browsing on the net or social networks. From table-1.4, we can see the importance of social network marketing as an effective tool for promotional strategy, as more than 2/3 of the respondents are spending more and more hours in a day on different social network sites.

c) The Purpose of Use of a Social Media Platform

Social media has become the most effective communication tool through which people can connect with their long lost friends of childhood or college life. This is evident, as most of the respondents, near about 100 out of 150, are using such platform to connect with their friends through network building and chatting. While ‘professional use’ has rated second as a purpose of using the social network,  and others apart from just playing games, watching videos, listening to music, are the next important purposes of using this medium.

d) Considering Social Media in Buying Decision

It is clear from the above fig.1.2, that majority of the respondents, 112 (55+32 +25) out of 150, consider social media networks in their buying decision- making process either most of the time or some times.

From fig.1.3, it is pretty evident that the social media is not an effective grievance handling platform. It seems that consumers are not getting the proper services, especially the after sales services as perceived by them.  During the survey, it has been pointed out by the respondents that they are not getting any response of their queries and questions they used to post on the companies social media pages.


Social media is a part of our daily life and it influences our thinking, socializing, leisure time and decision making etc. Referring the above statistic in the study, I found the social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses. The social networking is a platform whereas both gender and different age categories people are enjoyed and spent near about half of daily life. Also it’s an advantage for businesses that the huge audiences are engaged in most of the time on social media networks. If the business varies brand of products advertised on social network that can be reached the huge population within few seconds. According to the study, social media help to making decision on purchasing a product through friends. Marketers either small or large, have plenty of opportunities to communicate with their target customers and offer them the products and services, and persuade them to transact and become a loyal customer for the company. Undoubtedly the social media is a rapidly growing platform for a brand building and is used by almost all the sectors. It is another advantage the social networking has brought people and world market much closer also the market opened for everyone with unlimited stocks. Because of these many reasons the social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses.


Dogtiev, A. (2018, May 4). businessofapps. Retrieved from businessofapps web site: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/facebook-statistics/#1
Ghoshal, M. (2019). Social Media as an Effective Tool to Promote Business- An Empirical Study. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: E Marketing , 1-13.
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