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Should video games be used in education?

October 08, 2019

For years video games have had a bad reputation due to violence and gore. Some parents and teachers aren’t aware that there are educational video games that teach students about spelling, ancient civilizations, math, and other school subjects. Research has even found that playing video games can improve moods and problem-solving skills.

Should video games be used in education?
The use of video games in the classroom has increased exponentially over the course of the last twenty years. Computer games can engage students in virtual worlds where they can apply content knowledge, practice skills, and enhance thinking in a fail-safe environment. They have the ability to engage students in virtual worlds where they can apply their knowledge and skills. Games make learning fun and capture learner attention as they explore content
•Video games helped understudies to distinguish and endeavor to address their insufficiency.
•The versatility of computer games, and the control that players have over them, rouse and animate learning.
•In situations where understudies experience issues concentrating, computer games can be exceptionally valuable.
•The moment input given by computer games excites interest and thus takes into account more prominent odds of learning.
•Video games instruct participation.

Cognitive benefits of playing video games.
Improves coordination.
Improves critical thinking abilities.
Enhances memory.
 Improves consideration and fixation.
 It is an extraordinary wellspring of learning.
Improves the cerebrum's speed.
Enhances performing various tasks abilities.
Improves social aptitudes.

This investigation exhibits that, computer games improves understudy's motivation on studies, academic execution, and develops an additional capacities. Thus, computer games can be an extraordinary gadget for the equalization of the technique of the positive teaching and learning condition. Moreover it will be valuable for educators just as understudies to apply computer games as a task device.

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