October 16, 2019


              Role play

    Role-play is an effective learning strategy in which students act the part of another character, thereby gaining an appreciation for others’ points of view as well an understanding of the complexity of resolving issues and problems in the real world. In the context of social studies, this strategy may be used to learn about issues and decisions of the past (and how things might have been different) or about current issues in the local community or in a broader setting. Aside from knowledge acquisition, preparing and conducting a role-play activity strengthens students’ knowledge acquisition skills, their creativity, their value clarification skills, and a variety of interpersonal skills identified in the curriculum outcomes.

    However in social studies they can use some new techniques to let the children know the things easily. When they teach things about culture they can give lots of information’s about it and after that can ask the questions. So easily students can answer the question.

     There were different levels of students they can learn the things in different ways. We can help them by teaching like this also. They can learn things by doing it.

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