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Revolutionary technologies and famous inventions in Japan

October 31, 2019

 Weird Yet Brilliant Japanese Inventions

Japan is famed for its cutting-edge technology but they sometimes (ahem) get a bit carried away. As these 15 weird yet brilliant Japanese inventions attest.

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun, is a place where technological development never sleeps. So much so they might just be living in the future but sometimes (ok often) they make some really weird, yet brilliant, inventions.

This list excludes any mention of wacky and futuristic vending machines.

1. Don't get up, this fridge will come to you

Simply 'holla' and this amazing Japanese fridge will dutifully deliver your ice cold beverage to wherever you're seated. This fridge is possibly the ultimate in convenience and an inspired invention.
But it gets better.
This fridge can also tell you the status of its contents and take your dirty dishes back to the sink. It is the gift that keeps on giving 

2. Never miss an update with these push-notification glasses

These glasses make sure you never need to check your smartphone screen again for notifications. They will prompt you, literally in front of your eyes, every time a text or other notification comes through to you.
This device can also be set to notify you about tasks or any other notices you see fit. To maximize the glasses utility you can even customize each notification type to a particular color.
The glasses also have the capacity to provide audio notifications if you run out of colors, or they distract you too much.

3.Check out this selfie stick with a microphone

Let's face it, if any nation was going to perfect the selfie stick it was going to be Japan. After all, they did invent the thing in the first place.
The obvious thing traditional selfie sticks were lacking in was an integrated microphone. This is critical design flaw is now a thing of the past thanks to the people of this great nation.

4. This USB mini-washing machine is inspired

Have you a need for a small washing machine that can be plugged into your computer? Wouldn't it be handy to have such a device to clean your glasses or waterproof watches as you work?
Well, the Japanese have beaten you to it and invented it already. This little table top washing machine can complete its cleaning cycle in as little as 2 minutes, right before your very eyes.
You'll need to add some water, obviously, but otherwise just plug it in and turn it on. Obviously be careful not to knock it over whilst filled and operational - that might just spoil your day and your computer for that matter.

5. Your life is now complete with this butter grater

We all have those moments we when we feel our lives just aren't as good as they could be. Something is missing, but what is it?
Could it be, perhaps, that your life has a butter grater shaped hole in it? Well fret no longer, the Japanese have your back.

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