Problem Background

October 26, 2019


Tomlinson (2005), one of the leading experts in this field, defines differentiated instruction as a teaching philosophy of teaching that is based on the premise that students learn best when their teachers accommodate the differences in their readiness level, interests and learning profiles. Teachers have to attend these differences in order to maximize the learning potential of every individual. 

I choose this topic because I strongly agree with ‘no child left behind’ policy. I can say that we are following this policy by allowing all students to come to school, but the problem that I concerned most is, not giving full attention to all of the students in the class and their educational needs. One of the reasons which I believe might cause this problem is, instructing class of thirty students with different learning abilities and me being a single teacher to differentiate for each of them is way too difficult and challenging. Within 45 minutes period teacher might not be able to cater 30 students since there a particular portion of the syllabus to cover in this limited period of time. I would say this is the biggest challenge for teachers. 

The goal of doing this research proposal is to determine teacher perceptions of differentiated instruction and to understand why it is a challenge for many teachers for practicing differentiated instruction in their every lesson. So I believe by doing this research proposal I can get more ideas on applying differentiated instruction properly in my classrooms and I will gain more knowledge on how differentiated instruction improves students’ academic achievement. Furthermore, I will be able to differentiate the lesson in order to meet students’ educational needs.
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