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October 05, 2019

To answer, we first have to define teleportation. Traditionally, it means to transfer matter from one location to a remote location, rapidly, or nearly so, without travelling through inte7.hnrstitial space. This has been depicted in popular media through three general forms: psychically, magically, and technologically. The first involves a mental ability to transport matter, the second uses mystical forces, the third scientific principles.

First of all, current science is looking into the very real possibility of transmitting data faster than the speed of light, through quantum entanglement. The theory is that two quantum entangled particles change states at the same point in time, regardless of distance, which should not be possible under conventional physics, as a signal between them should not travel faster than the speed of light. This means that there is either a form of energy that travels faster than light, or entangled particles have a connection that is not exchanging energy, but communicating in another manner. In other words, the particles don't change location, they just change states.

Teleportation is very much a thing to be popularized by science fiction, especially Star Trek. Teleportation actually does happen, but at atomic level. Researchers at National Institute of Standards and Technology successfully teleported quantum information over 100 km. The experiments show that teleportation of electrons is possible over large distances and in the future, the process can be applied to bigger objects

However, the question whether a human being can be transported from one place to another is totally different. Theoretically, it is possible but the process involved is quite complicated. Also, large amount of storage would be required to process and duplicate the information extracted from a human body. Our current technology prevents us from inventing such a machine but it might be possible in the future. So, until we make some massive breakthroughs in quantum theory and practical applications, OR develop an entirely new branch of physics relating to matter and space, teleportation is unlikely.
Conclusion: I believe that there is no harm on spending money on it, because it would be benefited in future. But still, the best means of transportation is standing up and walking, improving the physical body, and enjoying the scenery between start and destination, which is what I need to do now.

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