How does the world of innovative technologies and gadgets influence people's relationships with one another?

October 01, 2019

How does the world of innovative technologies and gadgets influence people's relationships with one another?
The encroachments in technology have made a sturdy impression on virtually all areas of our society. It develops a serious transformation in the way kids and parents recognize the world and each other.
The influence of technology is breaking barriers between parents and kids; the other side of technology is virtually building a family divide. Utmost of the devise we habit today have changed to a ‘necessity’ in one’s life.
The technology has motivated advancing from simple computer gaming, SMS, chatting or emails to assignment completion tools and video calling. Currently, parenting in digital age became even more inspiring than ever before.
Technology has affected in our relationships both positively and negatively.
The positive impacts of technology
Coordinate change of plans: Unlike olden days, technology offers a good support to organize the change of plans with just a message or call. Children are able to inform their parents, if they are getting late at school for some extra activities without getting them worried.
Interaction with family groups: The advanced messaging apps provide options to set up family groups where one can interact with all members of their family in spite of where they are. The distant family is now much attached through social media groups.
 Home security systems:  Modern security systems provide more safe and peace within families. The emergency alarms and the quick response options enable to get the police at the place at the time of a robbery or a fire. It helps people feels safe and secure at their home.
The negative impacts of technology
Too much screen time: The situation prevailing currently in almost every household. It is important to interact with each other to sustain a personal connection and raises empathy for the anxieties of the other.
 Lack of quality time: It is important to share some quality time with your family. Nowadays, even when parents pretend to play with children or share some family moments, the emails or chatting is taking half of their attention. It is vital to shift of your devices for at least an hour or two and spend some quality time together. The habit of bringing work home is one of the main reasons for many failing relationships as this cooperation time for familiarity.
 Poor face-to-face interaction: Today the style of communication has extremely altered from direct face to face communication to simply chatting. This is a serious issue that touches children as they will have poor face to face communication skills when they grow up. Equally they spend utmost of the time with screens, people will have only limited experience of appropriate communication with individuals that might lead to a therapist in the level of self-reliance. This might harshly disturb the specialized enactment of a child who is brought up in such motorized environment.
Limited outdoor activities: The unfavorable lifestyle with deficiency of appropriate exercise and unhealthy eating habits is the major reason for leading most of the complications. Knowledge has a real influence on the way people have altered the healthy habits. As people are busy with their appliances, they have no time for outdoor activities.  The inactive life style is extremely affecting health matters for people of all ages. Currently, children desire computer or online games through mobiles or tablets rather than outdoor games which enhance the problem of unhealthy eating.

 Technologies have made life really relaxed for us as evidence to anything under the sun is accessible at our finger tips. Yet, we should appreciate that even when technology has made this an enhanced place to live; we should not compromise humanoid values while appreciating it.

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