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How do technologies change people's mentalities and cultures?

October 11, 2019

How do technologies change people's mentalities and cultures?

Technology has completely changed our culture. From our values, To our means of communication. Now, Many people have trouble having a face to face conversation, Skype does not count. When people spend time with friends, Its on their phones, Tablets, Or computers. Also, Now people judge others by how techy their car is, Or if they have the newest iPhone or Tablet Most people want to put their headphones in and listen to music rather than listening to another person. Videogames isolate all things from the world. Most people prefer technology today, Just because that is all they know. Today it’s all about touch screen cell phones. Technology just isolates people from reality. People now a days don’t know how to communicate in real world situations like personal relationships, Problem solving and exhibiting adult behaviors. Electronic components have changed a generation of young adults. Plus, Parents today have been less strict on their children. It has made certain individuals more greedy and lazy. If a child walked out of the house with a rock star outfit on, A parent should tell the child to go change. Parents don’t do that anymore. Instead they say, “If you get in trouble at school today don’t blame me”. Older adults would agree that they never had this stuff, And they actually went outside and did something. Heather’s parents would say that they were ALWAYS outside playing, Whether the weather was hot or cold. Playing soccer in the heat or having a snowball fight during the winter cold with their friends. If people didn’t want to go outside they sat down, Read a book, Played cards, Or even drank cocoa. Soon, Every person in the world will have robots or something that will get a soda from the fridge, So people don’t have to get their butt up and walk. Technology has negatively influenced the world.
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