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How can 3D printing reduce people’s expenses in medicine?

October 11, 2019

Future doctors can practice on 3D printed organs. This is much more accurate than for example training on animal organs. Training on human-like, 3D printed parts increases the quality of skills doctors obtain during training and the medical treatment of patients.

3D printers create low-cost prosthetics where people need them, for example in war-torn countries. They are an affordable solution for people who cannot afford to buy a prosthetic. Low-cost medical equipment is also important in poverty-stricken countries and remote areas. There are areas where road infrastructure is too bad to deliver medical equipment. 3D printing makes it easier to print the necessary equipment in those villages without having to regularly transport them.
Making prosthetics the traditional way is very expensive because they have to be personalized to the individual. 3D printers give users the freedom to choose, e.g. different designs, forms, sizes and colors of their prostheses. This makes every 3D printed piece personalized. 3D printers also allow prosthetics to be more widely available at a lower price. The Bolt PRO is suitable for the office environment because of its HEPA filter. The filter reduces any negative fumes by 99.9%. This means you can easily have the Bolt PRO at your office and use it for printing on the spot.

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