October 15, 2019

 Graphic Organizers in teaching Social Studies

Introduction                                                                         Graphic organizers are an effective tool to use in the social studies classroom. They organize and communicate information in a visual way. When applied to content areas, graphic organizers enhance the learning and comprehension of difficult concepts and ideas. Using graphic organizers in the Social Studies classroom helps to make content accessible to all levels of learners. Here are five essential graphic organizers to use in the social studies classroom.
 We can help students to organize their thoughts and ideas for answering questions, function as a Pre-writing tools for their questions and also can use different ways on teaching primary social studies. There were new techniques that were using to understand the topic.

    In social studies there were culture topic. For that topic also can use some graphic organizers.
Types of Graphic Organizer
1.    Venn diagram
2.    Chart
3.    Flow chart
4.    Pie chart

These were some ideas that can use when teaching on a graphic organizer method.

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