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Exploring different mediums and channels for business communication

October 09, 2019


Communication is the key to all strong and healthy relationship including professional relationship. Choosing most appropriate medium and channel for business communication is important for communication to be successful. The message from sender has to be reach the receiver successfully for the effective communication. The medium and channel of a message depend on the type of communication. The companies have a set of communication channel to be used in the business operation. 
Choosing the appropriate communication tool requires the answering of the 3 W's WHO (audience). WHAT (message) & WHY (goals). The answer to 3 W's will the lead to the all-important HOW (the appropriate communication channel to achieve your business goals).

Different channels of communication for business

  1. Face-to-face communication:- This is the one of the richest channel of communication that can be used withing the organization. The physical presence body language helps express message better to the recipient. Face-to-face communication will give the quick response and easy know the message was received to the audience.
  2. Written communication:- Written communication should be used when a message that does not require interaction needs to be communicated to an employee or group. Policies, letters, memos, manuals, notices and announcements are all messages that work well for this channel. The receiver should be alert for ambiguity and ask for clarification if needed. Recipients may follow up through an electronic or face-to-face channel if questions arise about a written message. Are you guilty of littering your email, reports or other forms of communication with too much jargon? Or are your messages unnecessarily long? IABC reports that only 21% of communicators say they keep their language simple and jargon-free.
  3. Broadcast media communication:- TV, radio and loud speakers all fall within the broadcast media communication channel. These types of media should be used when addressing a mass audience. Businesses seeking to notify customers of a new product may advertise or do promotions using a broadcast channel. Similarly, a CEO may do a global company address by having a television feed broadcast across global sites. When a message intended for a mass audience can be enhanced by being presented in a visual or auditory format, a broadcast channel should be used.
  4. Electronic communication channel:- Electronic communication channels encompass email, Internet, intranet and social media platforms. This channel can be used for one-on-one, group or mass communication. It is a less personal method of communication but more efficient. When using this channel, care must be taken to craft messages with clarity and to avoid the use of sarcasm and innuendo unless the message specifically calls for it. An Intranet can be an extremely valuable communication channel for organizations. It can serve as a hub for employees by providing a specific space where corporate information such as policies, company news and announcements are centrally located and accessible at any time. In a survey by Prescient Digital Media, only 13% of employees reported participating in their intranet daily 31% said they never do. The resources available in the organization have to be use in most effective way.
  5. Mobile communication channel:- A mobile communication channel should be used when a private or more complex message needs to be relayed to an individual or small group. A mobile channel allows for an interactive exchange and gives the recipient the added benefit of interpreting the speaker's tone along with the message. Some within an organization may opt to use this channel versus a face-to-face channel to save on the time and effort it would take to coordinate a face-to-face meeting.


Quite simply, the best channel is the one that most effectively delivers the message so that it is understood as the sender intended. The best channel of the communication depend on type of the message, audience and goals. For example if we want a quick response for the message face-to-face communication will be most appropriate. The communication of a direct marketing message email would be more appropriate. Each channels of communication has a merits and demerits. So the most effective channel have to be chosen. Fortunately today's business have variety of forms of communication choose from. For effective communication we have to over come the barriers exist in the communication. Investing on  communication is very important as it generate more income to the organization.

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