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Does the use of computer/technology in class benefit the educational process?

October 08, 2019

Computers are useful tools in different field of applications. Computers are very much useful in the field of engineering and architecture and especially in the aspects of design and calculations. These machines are also beneficial in their application in the field of business and economics as it allows users to store and retrieve large amount of data in a less amount of time.
Computers are now use in different fields of education. In the field of teaching in particular, the wide use of computers are evident in different school in elementary, high-schools, colleges and universities.
The use of computers in learning provides both advantages and disadvantages in the learning processes. Computers are advantageous in the sense that these machines teach more effectively in technical sense, they can reach and teach more students and kept students more focus with the subject.
List of the Advantages of Technology in Education
·         Technology helps children to stay motivated during the learning process. ...
·         It encourages more communication between teachers and parents. ...
·         Technology options in the classroom are very affordable. ...
·         It creates new ways to learn for today's student.

The use of computer technology in learning allows the teacher to individualize the learning instructions as well as the technology grants the students the autonomy and making them to learn with their own.
With the access of the internet, it is also possible to teach those students or learners that are located in the remote or far places provided these places have internet signals. These technological capabilities make the teacher to reach as well as to teach more learners.
The internet access will also allow the students to get different educational resources from all over the world, thus making the world like a classroom of learning. It enables him or her to access different ideas as well as learning and knowledge coming from abroad.

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