October 15, 2019

                    Discovery Learning

Discovery learning is one of the general social studies strategies and such as it is very open-ended and broad. The book describes this strategy as any activity that the teacher structures to help students find answers on a particular topic through problem solving by reading more information’s. Instead of lecturing about a topic or assignment a specific piece of reading, the teacher complies different resources for students to look through and draw their own conclusions from.

How we can teach
 Beside these for younger students, the book  suggests that the teacher pre-make resources files that contain articles and pictures that will help the students with their research, while older students can be allowed to search for their own resources in the school library or online. This strategy can be used for many social topics from researching a historical figure to looking at a specific society of people. The most important thing to keeping mind with this strategy is that there typically is no right to answer to find; the focus on guiding students to discover research and making their own interpretations from it.

  In social studies when we teach students about living things and non-living things topic we can use examples from the real life. We can go out of the class and can ask children’s to show living things and non-living things. By explaining like this some students can understand more. Because not all the students have a same level of thinking.

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