October 15, 2019

                      Case Studies
      Environment is sum of values which constitutes common asset of the human beings. Human beings are in an interaction with their environment as from the moment of their existence. This interaction aims to meet the requirements that necessary for the living. However, excessive consumption and misuse lead to deformation of the nature, which is capable of renewing itself. In this context, one of the most important current global issues is the environmental problem. Environmental issues gradually reach dimensions threatening the natural life and human life. Unplanned urbanization, improper disposal of wastes, wasting the natural resources such as air, water, and soil, and lack of positive attitude towards these issues all speed up the process of disturbance of the natural balance.
       However, it can be understood that education aims to development of a positive attitude towards the environment at schools, Example; the environmental education gains more and more importance, to enable elimination of the environmental issues and to develop permanent solutions for these issues. With the goal of growing citizens who are aware of their environmental responsibility, environmental education aims to teach children the environmental knowledge and to improve their awareness as from the 4th grade of the primary education.        In social studies we can teach them how they can save the environment. They learn a lot from the social studies. They will know how the society was working after studying social studies.

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