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Can Technologies Make People Live Longer or Reduce Time for Night Rests

October 10, 2019

Can Technologies Make People Live Longer or Reduce Time for Night Rests

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Technologies have influenced a high wave of information sharing hence the reason life expectancy is going up. The availability of information through the internet is allowing people to conduct basic searches and allowing people to acquire early interventions. With the readily available information, practitioners and hospitals can exchange data promptly and respond to patient problems (Alton, 2017). Besides, 3D printing for organ replacement is one of the brilliant ways that science utilizes technology today. The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative medicine built a device named Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System, which places living cells above biodegradable plastic to create muscles and cartilage (Colored Unicorn, 2017). These technological advances are significantly improving human lifespan.
Technologies Reducing Night Rest
Electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets have become an essential part of people’s daily life. Individuals do not put these down even at bedtime, thus distracting one from a restful night. First of all, the blue light emitted by the screens of these gadgets limits the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep and wake cycle (Adams & Kisler, 2013). The lower melatonin levels make it harder to stay asleep. Besides, by keeping the mind engaged with these technologies alerts the brain to remain awake. Such activities as surfing the web, reading interesting stories on Facebook, or a negative email are experiences that make it challenging to relax hence reducing the time for night rest.
In conclusion, science is improving human life through medications, technology, and research, making them live longer. Previously we had people dying due to organ failure but now have a chance to live a longer life with the current technologies on organ transplant and 3D printing. People should, however, note that the use of technological gadgets at bedtime is not healthy as it affects their night rest. They should strive to make bedroom technology-free and give the brain the time to unwind.

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