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Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

October 09, 2019

Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?


These days online classes have become popular. studying at your own pace, saving money and being comfortable are some of the advantages of these classes. students today are no longer in need to attend schools. As a matter of fact, they can simply study from where they are. while the use of online class may sound as a good idea for some, for others it is not.
the use of online courses can help students learn comfortably.Unlike the old times where students were forced to attend their classes every morning, students now can learn from any place they want and without a problem. Students can even learn in their pajamas while they are lying in bed.Another benefit of online classes is that it helps students learn in a different ways. When students study in an online class, there are different methods they can use to learn .For instance, the use of an actual recording of a certain lecture. Students can ask their professor to record a video of an actual lecture for them or they can even ask for access to supplementary courses like online videos and websites.
Though online courses may offer some good benefits, they are still not right for young students. One of the main challenges of an online course is that it requires a great deal of self discipline, and children are not the ones to do that. Many children would prefer an actual structure of a class where materials are presented and the time is limited. for instance, some young students wont even move if they are not pressured with a limited time.
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