8) Explain the purpose and functions of law

October 03, 2019

1)      Social Control
Function of social control mainly performed by criminal law.
 Purpose is to make sure that rights and freedom of individuals are protected also conditions are created for a stable social and political life become possible.

2)      Conflict Resolution
Conflict resolution is a function to provide a legal way that the conflict between parties can be settled is main role of law.
The purpose is to provide conceptual and institutional framework that build trust between individuals.

3)      Facilitation Function
Facilitation function is the way in which individuals can realize their wishes and goals. Also provides framework of rules, creating rights, powers and obligation.
The purpose of facilitation function is to promotes certainty and predictability and establish trust in social life.
4)      Promoting the integration
Promoting the integration is integration among divers elements and interest of collective life. 

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