6) Explain the structure of the Maldives judicial system?

October 03, 2019

The high court
 The high court’s primary functions is to review the decisions of courts that are lower on the judicial hierarchy. In addition to this its power include the power to interpret the constitution and review laws passed by the legislature to ensure that they comply with the constitution and Maldivian legal system.
Superior Courts
Criminal Court
Activities that may be deliberated upon by the criminal court include: murder, illicit sexual activity, challenging the tenets of the Islamic religion and stealing.
Family Court
The family court primarily looks into matters relating to disputes arising between families.
Civil Court
The civil court primarily looks into civil disputes with the exception of those kinds of matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the family court.
Juvenile Court
The juvenile court is a specific court that deliberates on cases involving minors- that is, any individual below the age of eighteen – who have been accused of a crime.
Drug Court
The drugs court exists specifically to deliberate upon cases whereby any individual has been accused of a drug related offence and has the power to subject such persons to mandatory rehabilitation programs, with the aim of reintegrating such persons back into the wider society.

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