1.6: Research Hypothesis

October 26, 2019

Research Hypothesis

If we teach students using technology they will be ready to the life skill events that is too important in their further life. There are different types of learners so the educational technology will give chances for the students to learn in different environment which are benefited to visual and auditory learners too.

Educational technology made teachers work easier and faster. Simulation is too important in teaching different concepts to students. If we are unable to take the students to different areas that we want show them different through educational technology. We can easily show them different places. Sometimes teachers fail to succeed their lessons because of lack of interest of students with the help of educational technology we can get their interest.

Most of the students are digital natives so we can easily apply most of the lessons easily. Though we feel difficult to apply educational technology strategies to digital immigrants we can easily teach students educational technology strategies they are aware of accessing to internet. Though the parents believe that educational technology may we give access to them with our supervision. Instead of ruining their life we can make it productive to their life. We can make interesting lesson using educational technology and make their screen time to a quality time.
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