1.5: The Research Questions

October 28, 2019

                         The Research Questions


Distance education system and program development represents a significant undertaking for institutions and individuals. Regardless of the reasons for getting involved in distance educational enterprises, the infusion of telecommunications technology for the delivery of interactive instructional programming inevitably serves as a catalyst for systemic organizational change.

The first phase, dealing with issues associated with technological reliability ensures that the instruction being transmitted to distance students is readily and consistently accessible. The second phase dealing with issues related to institutional support for distance educational technologies, programs, and services, provides the means of effectively adapting traditional support structures for addressing the needs of students, teachers, staff and management. Recent advance in educational technology have improved educational environments by providing many enabling tools satisfying learns diverse needs, organizations increase return on investment (ROI) by saving time and cost for employee training through online learning solutions and performance supporting tools.

Technology acceptance from external variables to beliefs attitudes, and system usage. Technology provides us with powerful tools to try different designs, so that instead of theories of education, we may begin to develop a science of education. If educators had a good working knowledge of computer programming, design variables, and ergonomics (they study of interaction between technology and human variables. Their decisions about computer system selection would be straight forward.

1.  How your child gets different information’s through educational technology?

2. Do you think there will be many negative effects to your child’s education if we focused on educational technology?

3.  Does your child’s teacher apply productive techniques using educational technology?
4. Have you noticed any behavioral problems when the child started to access to internet?

5.  Is your child is informative when they started to access in internet through educational technology?

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