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1.3: Problem Statement

October 26, 2019

Problem Statement

The main research for conducting this research idea is to recognize the effects of educational technology to foundation stage. many care givers believe that smart phones and tablets, with internet connectivity and text can easily distract students. Technology can prevent students from reflecting on their learning process. Laptops and tablets can be particularly problematic in this regard, and they can easily temp students into multi-tasking. Parents also believe that technology may ruin their students study.

Teachers agree that technology has become a catalyst for distraction and off task behavior with students, tweeting, or prowling through YouTube when they supposed to be listening to the teacher or doing classwork promotes a lack of focus. Teachers reports that students are distracted constantly their memory is highly disorganized. Teachers agreed that technology could be useful educational tool. The main focus is to identify weather positive or negative effects students educational knowledge are high to regarding informational technology.
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