12. write a note on employment act of Maldives

October 05, 2019

The act includes, among other matters, the recruitment, hire, employment agreement, training, wages, statutory implied rights including statutory minimum leave entitlements, promotion, discipline, dismissal, safety at work place. moreover the act provides for the establishment of labor relations, authority with the core mandate of creating awareness and implement of the act including labor inspection and establishment of employment tribunal. 

Members of the security forces are excluded from the provisions of the act. the security forces comprise of the Maldives national defense forces (MNDF) and Maldives police service. 
Fundamental principles of employment act 

  • The act explicitly prohibits forced labor. However the act is silent on the penalty for infringement
  • The act further provides for not discriminated and equal opportunity and treatment in employment. the act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, social standing religion political belief or political affiliation, sex marital status family obligation, age, disability. 
  • the act does not specifically provide for indirect discrimination the provision of non discrimination. applies to all the stages of employment, includes recruitment, selection, promotion, remuneration, training, discipline and dismissal the act provide for inspections to non discrimination, the general exception is where there are genuine occupational requirements of a particular job

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