1.2: Problem Background

October 28, 2019

Problem Background

The main reason for conducting this research idea is to recognize the effects of educational technology to foundation stage. many care givers believe that smart phones and tablets, with internet connectivity and text can easily distract students. Technologies can prevent students from reflecting on their learning process.

Parents believe that educational technology will be negatively affected to the student study. They believe lot of screen time will minimize their knowledge in academic area. They think using technology the student will access to funny games or cartoons but teachers work load will   be minimizing because of educational technology.

In current situation people believe that students cannot learn much more applications other the small methods used in studies. But most of the students are digital natives they easily access internet.

I got this chance to do this proposal from the course that I have been studying. I have completed the course in bachelors in early childhood. I will conduct this research in Ihadhdhoo school.

Parents will be collected randomly and focus on the problem issues of educational technology. Educational technology issues are too common in world wide. All the care-givers think that students will be negatively affected if they are using any type of screen.

I got interested to these topics because I have been teaching to pre-school kids since 2011. I have been discussing too many issues regarding pre-school kids. Now a day most of the time kids stay with some types of screens. My objectives are to let the society know that we can make all the screen time productive and educational technology can be an important tool to achieve knowledge. This an important issue that all the educators should be concerned about the issues regarding technology. We all must have a positive thinking about technology. 
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