1.1: Introduction

October 26, 2019


Educational technology present a large spectrum of tool that teachers integrate in their job to improve course management, curriculum design, lesson planning and learning materials. All these are connected to  achievement of students. There is a huge influence of technology to students in different ways. The main reason to conduct this research is to recognize the application of education technology at ihadhdhoo school foundation stage and its effects on students achievement.

Technology is now a fundamental consideration in education. There are positive and negative effects of technology to students. Educational technology improves engagement, knowledge retention, individual learning, encourages collaboration, students can learn useful life skills through technology.

We all know children use devices like smart phones, tablets, chrome books, and laptops at school and they also often use a vocabulary full of completely foreign language. The truth is that education technology is  an important part of education today and parents should feel excited not intimidate. They need to learn how to properly and responsibly communicate via text, vedio, and digital image creation because the careers of today and of the future demand it. Lot of parents have concerns that their using different screens for longer period of time.
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