What will technological schools look like in the future?

September 05, 2019

A school in the future would look a lot more different than now. . In the future school would rather have computers,tablets and televisions instead of books ,boards and papers.It would be built in such manner where its much more safer than it is now.

In the future technology will minimize the high costs and let the students to reach any region of the world through virtual  field trips. They can  reach  places such as sub-Saharan Africa which is now difficult to reach. A teacher standing in the back of any place they are having virtual field trip to can explain about the place. This would almost feel real. students will learn more and it would be interesting.

A school in the future will be an easy place for the students as,when they miss class due to any reasons(sick,traveling,slept in)they can have access to virtual class room. Virtual class room can give the students notes,class work ,tutorials and home works .

Many educationalists believe that in the next 20 to 30 years there will be robots instead of teachers .
There will always be a place for teachers, but intelligent machines will be able to offer a more individual and personalized experience for students overall.This can help the students without the expensive tution classes.


A school in the future will be everything that a kid now would want. All the technology would help teach new things and students will be pro to use the technology.It will be easy and convenient  for students be educated.

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