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What technologies should be implemented to stop pollution on Earth?

September 08, 2019

What technologies should be implemented to stop pollution on Earth?

now before we move on to which and what technologies should be implented to stop pollution on Earth, each and every single one of you reading this should know the extent the earth

is being polluted by mostly non other than our own kind, we are both consciously and non consciously polluting the water,air noise and many other etc…

So what technologies can be used to at least reduce the great extent of pollution on Earth?

prevention (P2) technology is one that creates less pollution in its life cycle than the one it replaces. P2 can be achieved in many ways, from better housekeeping and maintenance to redesign of products and processes. The range of P2 technologies is therefore very broad. It includes relatively cleaner technologies, technologies that help other technologies to be cleaner, and certain mass-market technologies. All of them reduce environmental impacts compared to their alternatives. It is important to understand that P2 technology does not include pollution-control or -treatment technologies that do not make the technology producing the pollution any cleaner itself. They just manage the resulting waste

Technologies Designed to Prevent Pollution

Some technologies are designed specifically for protecting the environment while also improving business performance. For example, recycling technologies can help recover valuable materials from wastes, cutting manufacturing costs, while also preventing pollution. Examples include gene-engineered plants that do not need protection using chemical insecticides and fuel cells for generating electricity. However, it is surprisingly challenging to identify such technologies. Most technologies that stop pollution were usually created to simply reduce costs and save on materials. Technologies designed to prevent pollution usually rely on cost efficiency, rather than pollution prevention, as their main selling point.

One important and fundamental exception is P2 in chemical design. Thousands of chemicals are used in industry, commerce, and daily life. Many of them have environmental impacts, from mild to serious. By developing alternative chemicals with better environmental performance, significant reductions in pollution can be obtained throughout product life cycles. A common application of green chemistry is in the design of environmentally benign solvents. Traditional solvents such as acetone, xylene, and methylene chloride are being replaced by new chemicals designed specifically to be less hazardous or less polluting.

One reliable way to maintain tech pollution > (picture)

Also Facilitative Technologies
For example, process controls such as meters and sensors can make many production processes more efficient and less polluting by providing improved control, which reduces waste and defects. Centrifuges can reduce the amount of solids in wastewaters, thereby reducing water pollution

Thank you for reading this and if you have more ways to stop pollution please do spread it to all dear readers out there than it would be greatly appreciated, to those who can do something should, standing around idly for someone else to will never come, one must understand if YOU want to stop it you can, but one person stopping and reducing will not help, others who understand the importance should as well
Again thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it and got useful or more so reliable information as well, we will also be posting new small articles on other few topics as well, so do continue to read

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