What makes tablets so useful in classroom?

September 07, 2019

According to Drijvers (2012), the only tablet is not the key to success but how the tablet or digital tool is designed, the ability of the teacher or the lecturer to deliver the lesson and educational context are the main reason to the success of the student. No device will have any effect on its own unless there is someone putting an effort to use it correctly. Providing a tablet inside the class will not have any positive impact as a tablet cannot do any wonders. 

Most important thing to consider about students success or to achieve the high result the student, there has to be someone giving proper guidance to the students what and how to use. Tablets are designed to have lots of applications which will make teaching and learning more interesting and useful. According to some teachers, the most difficult part of teaching is catering the lesson to individual students. There are some students who need special attention inside the class. In our traditional classroom settings, it does not allow us to concentrate on individual students need and to help them to learn based on their individual needs. It might be because a single teacher has to deal with 29 to 30 students in a single period, as a result, the teacher could not get any time to help the students. Some students find it difficult to keep up with others so the teacher needs to give special attention to them. Introduction to the tablets, all these needs will be fulfilled as most of the computer applications can be made or personalized by keeping individual needs (Sarama and Clements 2009; Trigueros, Lozano, and Sandoval 2014).
There are special applications which can be used to make the weak students stay at the same level as with others. This way the teacher or the instructor does not have to spend all of his or her time in explaining the concept but they can design their lesson in a way which all the students can participate and the indicators to be successfully achieved. This result can be achieved if the teacher is in well aware of how to use the tablets and how to cater the application to individual student needs. Teachers need to be well trained and have to know how to design applications for their class. With the awareness of teachers and the ability to use it in the classroom instructions, positive learning is achieved (Björklund 2014). According to Jeong Kim et al (2016), significantly higher creativity has been shown with the students who used tablets in their class compared with the students who did not use tablets. This is because most tablet applications can offer instant feedback to the students and tell the students that they are in the right track or not, the student’s works can be saved automatically so that students and teachers have not to worry that the data or the work of the student is lost (Palmér, 2015).

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