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September 21, 2019

Virtual reality is one of the modern technologies which was introduced recently and it taken an important place in the field of technology in a very short time. It makes use of an artificial environment generated by the computer in which simulates the real environment. Besides gaining an immediate acceptance in the world of computer games, it is now being used in many fields of life including architecture, medicine, military and aviation. Scientists and researchers are expecting to explore a lot in this modern technology than what we know about it today. Here are some important applications of virtual reality.

Pilot Training

Before testing or flying a real flight or jet he has to be tested on simulation. For that they are using virtual reality application and the trainer can only fly a real flight  if he passes the simulation test.

Medical Application

For teach student surgeons about hot to carry out operation they use VR and there are many medical VR apps. So, a student can only be allowed to handle a real operation if he performs well in the simulation.

Watching of Movies

A lot of cinemas now distribute VR headsets to viewers before watching a movie. Movies are so real and engaging when viewed through VR headsets. 

In the Automobile World

With the virtual reality technology, 3-D images of the prototype of a proposed car can be viewed and assessed by all concerned automobile engineers before the physical car is manufactured. This technology allows them to assess the engine, the exterior and even the interior so they can make their recommendations before the car is manufactured. This is more convenient and cheaper than having to manufacture a prototype before corrections are made.

In Military Training

Virtual reality is now being applied to military training. This is cheaper and more effective because every battlefield scenario can be simulated.

 In Video Games

Video games are much more interesting when played via a virtual reality platform. It is more engaging and much more immersive and most of all, it is more compelling and addictive. 

In Museums

Some museums have uploaded their collection of items on different virtual reality platforms. All you need is to have both VR headset and access to any of the platforms.  

The term virtual reality refers to a modern technology providing an immersive, interactive experience using the three dimensional computer based graphic images. This technology creates an artificial environment with the help of computer hardware and software and is presented to the user in way which simulates the real world.
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