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Vehicles of the future: how will people travel to work in several decades?

September 29, 2019

Vehicles of the future: how will people travel to work in several decades?
Throughout human history transportation remained limited in scale and scope. In the short 200 years since the introduction of mechanized transportation, the capacity, speed, efficiency and geographical coverage of transport systems has improved dramatically. The goal to move passengers and freight faster, in greater quantities, safely and efficiently remains the core motivation to improve transport technology. Modes, terminals and networks alike have been subject to remarkable changes that come into two functional aspects

Revolutionary changes
Concerns a completely new technology that creates new markets and growth opportunities for transportation and the economy as well. It often marks the obsolescence of an existing transport mode as the new mode has substantial cost, capacity or time benefits.

Incremental (evolutionary) changes
Concerns the stepwise improvement of an existing transport technology and operations. This leads to increases in productivity with more capacity, lower costs and better performance of the involved mode or terminal.
The re-occurrence of new technology over the years has helped us on how we live and carry out our day to day activities, and most of this development is as a result of inventing and creating a new ways to reduce our daily stress and live an improved life.

The future transportation technology

1. The Future Transport Innovation Will Be Through Subways

2. Stronger Global Positioning System (GPS) Will Change How We Commute

3. Water-Fueled Car

4. High- Speed Rail Network    

5. String Theory Transportation Development

                    Modern transportation is currently experiencing major changes thanks to transformative transportation technologies. Almost all the points discussed above are set to mark the next innovation occurrence in the transportation sector that will increase how we live and improve the efficiency of our day to day activities.

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