Useful features in new generation of computers and mobile phones

September 08, 2019

Useful feathers in new generation of computers and mobile phones

A mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make and receive calls and to send text massages, among other feathers. The earliest generation of mobile phones could only make and receive calls. Today’s mobile phones, however, are packed with many additional features. A mobile phone may also be known as a cellular phone or simply a cell phone.
Generation in a computer terminology is a change in the technology a computer was being used initially, the generation term was used to distinguish between varying hardware technologies. Nowadays, generation includes both hardware and software, which together make up an entire computer system.
There are five computer generations known till data, each generation has been discussed in detail along with their time period and characteristics.

 Useful feathers of mobile phone:
  •          Along-lasting battery
  •          Warp-speed processing
  •          Crystal-clear display
  •          A great camera
  •          NFC
  •          Multiple windows
  •          Plenty of storage space
  •          Infrared remote control
  •          Fingerprint sensor
  •         Wireless charging
        Useful feathers of computer:

  •          Technology to be used: These machines will incorporate Bio-Chip and VVLSI (Very Very Large Scale Integration) or Ultra-Large Scale Integration (ULSI)
  •          The computer will have Artificial Intelligence (AL)
  •          Natural language will be used develop programs
  •          The computer will have parallel processing in fledged
  •          The operating speed will be in terms of LIPS (Logical Inference per Second)
  •          These aim is to solve highly complex problems, which require great intelligence and expertise when solved by people
  •          Quantum computation, molecular and nanotechnology will be used completely

      Nowadays Computer and Mobile phone is a very important part of over living. New generation Mobile phone and computer improved and became simple to use. Mobile phone is the perfect way to stay connects with others and provides the user with a sense of security. Computers have become an important part of how companies conduct business as well as how workers perform their job tasks. 

       BY: Khadheeja Zuyyina 

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