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Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

September 27, 2019

Modern technology offers educators a variety of new tools that can be used in the classroom. Technology can help teachers track and assess their students as well as their own performance in the classroom. It can also be used to facilitate communication between students and teachers and to create digital records of student growth and development that can easily be passed along from grade to grade.

Improving Teaching by Assessing and evaluating
Teachers can use technology to make their own work more productive teachers can use spreadsheets to track student work and also track their teaching plans. If a group of students is performing poorly in a particular area, this kind of record keeping can highlight areas that the teacher needs to focus on in their own teaching. The Internet is another tool that can be used to communicate about assessment, evaluation and curriculum redesign with the wider community.

Using Technology in Classroom Evaluations
What goes on inside a student's head is often a mystery or a "black box", says Dr. Anthony Petrosino, Associate Professor at the University of Texas. Technology gives us a way to get feedback continually during the teaching process, instead of at the end of the teaching process when you end up with only a retrospective understanding.

If I get a chance to work in school SMT or leading teacher at my school, I would prefer teachers of my school to use the Class marker online plat form for assessment and evaluation. Because it is one of the best digital tool teachers can use in teaching. It helps teachers to organize records, create question banks, create exam papers, resource sheets and quizzes easily. It allows teacher to prepare materials for assessment beforehand and could be used using smart phones, TVs laptops, and tablets if accessed to internet. It allows for continuing assessment and evaluation of the classroom lessons. To use this teachers, need to create a personal account in classmarker.com.

Technology is just a new set of tools, which are useful only if they add value to the learning experience
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