Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

September 24, 2019

Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

Now days, applying technology in the educational process is essential. Therefore, teachers need to apply different teaching techniques and assessment methods with technology, in order to gain students motivation and develop academic performance and several skills.

As a leading teacher, I would prefer my teachers to do their assessment with the greatest tool for Formative assessment. As I believe, in formative assessment, teachers check student understanding, get valuable data on student learning, and then use that data to modify instruction. When teachers know the students level of understanding regarding a particular concept, the tool below helps to find that meets the students need and it will also help teachers to assess them more easily or accurately as well.

The technological tool that I prefer to provide is “Classkick”. It is easy-to-use, real-time monitoring, feedback, and assessment for 1-to-1.
There are so many ways teachers can use Classkick, from embedding resources for future review to asking higher-order thinking questions to using text and scribe features to work out math problems. Science lab instructions are easily laid out in step-by-step slides, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate learning at each step. Or go even further and create a virtual textbook where students can read information and take notes or add links they can reference later. Take advantage of teachable moments by adding in questions to check for understanding in a lesson. Identify students who are struggling, and give them assistance without alerting their peers. Alternatively, encourage peer teaching by having early finishers answer their classmates' questions. 
Differentiation is easy with opportunities to collect student responses via writing, drawing, uploading images, or recording audio. Visual feedback in the form of stickers, or audio feedback for students who prefer to listen, gives teachers a chance to meet individual student needs. Want students to be the teachers or have a bit of fun? Pair Classkick with a tool like, explain everything to allow students to create their own slides and share with teachers for a collaborative book of poetry, review lesson, or fun content-related memes.

When teachers are advanced in teaching by applying several methods of technology, it is necessary to go with a greater method of assessment. As I believe, this method might be the easier and best technological tool for teachers to assess their students’ educational development.

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