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Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

September 27, 2019

Education is one of the basic need which has to be provided to each and individual child. With the help of educational technology, providing education to all is like a piece of cake. There is huge number of technologies which can be implemented in the classroom for assessment and evaluation.

Technology can be used in almost all areas of education. From making lesson plans to assessing and evaluating technology can be a helping hand. There are so many software’s and programs which can be used in assessment and evaluation methods. One example of a new tool is a program called Diagnoser, developed by Jim Minstrell and Earl Huntand at the University of Washington. This program is designed to give teachers insight into a student's conceptual understanding of high school science. The program asks a series of questions, which are designed to test deep understanding. The goal is not to elicit the correct answer, but to understand how the student arrives at the answer they have chosen.

With the help of online quiz creator teachers can use to make a quiz to assess certain topic and ask students to participate in the quiz. The best thing about the quiz creator is that it is free and easy to use. The online quiz can also be created using google classroom. Google classroom is an application where different type of teaching materials can be used in a simple way. This application is user-friendly and free for all the users. In google classrooms, you can use to share videos and even assessment marks which can be even assigned as an online task.

With the help of technology, we teachers can make our job easy and more interesting. To achieve our teaching goal we do not need to work hard now, but we simply have to work smart using different technologies.

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