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Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

September 20, 2019

Use of Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

 Technology in education is very important. It is essential for teachers to assess their children in an effective way.  As teachers, we are always finding new innovations that make your subjects interesting and engaging for students. There are thousands of different educational plat forma that teachers can use to assess their children.
If I become a leading teacher I will advise all my teachers to use blogger to assess their children. Blogger is a platform where we can store lots of information. A platform where anyone can use and find information. Through blogger, we grow our knowledge and learn new things each and every day. It’s incredible how much potential blogging has as a tool for education, so teachers, let’s find out how to get this into our classrooms.
As teachers we can find new innovations that make our subjects interesting and engaging students.    
To use blogger, first I will explain how to use blogger to my teachers. First create a classroom-run blog. The first part of this method is bringing the entire classroom on board with the idea. After that open up a discussion among the students to suggest ideas. Use a Blog to Communicate with Students and Parents. Explain that teachers can assign posts to students and encourage use the blog. Use a blog communicate with students and parents.

How Does Blogging Benefit Your Students?

 It is a place where students can write freely and express their knowledge on something.
 Blogging teaches a number of valuable skills that will help students succeed in their career regardless of the subject.
 Students become experts by using blogger.
Students can manage their online identity and build trust
 Can learn new things every day.
Can get technical knowledgeHelp to connect with new peopleCan become an author

How teachers are benefited by blogger

Teachers can easily assess their children because teachers can see each and every ones work in one page.  
Teachers can assign tasks at one
Provide opportunities for students to take more control of their learning.
Motivates students to become better readers and writers.
Promotes discussion among students.
Encourages the use of the Internet and the Web among students (and teachers)
 Blogger is a good plat form that teachers can use to assess and evaluate their children easily. Because teachers can assign tasks through blogger and encourage them to write the assignment. Teachers can check it and comment their works and give feedback so that children can get chance to re correct their mistakes. Students can upload their writing and also can have portfolios in blogger. Blogger is platform that teachers can build their children’s writing skill. Sometimes teachers feel difficulty in handling children’s written work manually. Sometimes they may lost some. But if they are using the blogger any time anywhere teachers can check their children’s work. No need of carrying bundles of papers with them all the time. So if become a leading teacher, I will recommend my teachers to use a blogger to assess their children.

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