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Use of Computer/Technology in the Classroom… How it Benefits the Educational process.

September 05, 2019

   Use of Computer/Technology in the Classroom…   How it Benefits the Educational process.

       Sept 4, 2019/MI College Gan Campus / PGDE Batch-2 /ITC/ by Mariyam Nadeema Ali
 The term Technology enriched that learning is used to define the claim of technology to teaching       and learning. It is an extensive set that isn’t essentially demarcated, however it is converting instructing and instructive establishments elsewhere acknowledgment. Consequently it is intolerable to be disregarded! It can also define as, the “wings” that will permit the educational word to fly beyond and quicker than ever before, a life changer.
This article will explore how the use of computer/technology in the classroom, benefits the educational process.
 Top Six Benefits of using Technology in the Classroom.
1. Expands engagement

Integration of technology in the classroom enables to, students to be more motivated in the subjects they are studying. It provides diverse opportunities to make learning more amusing and pleasant in terms of teaching similar things in an advanced mode.
2. Tutors Can Engrave the Education Experience
Students, who are involved as well as interested in things they are learning, are estimated to have greater information retaining. The computer-generated tutoring help the student learn at their own pace, through tools such as websites, apps, learning games, e-books, and digital resources can support classroom learning requirements. Altered practices of technology can be used to investigate with and adopt what works best for students in terms of remembering their understanding.
3. Encourages individual learning
Each one has a different learning styles and capabilities and technology offers greater opportunities to make leaning more operative to all with diverse needs. For instance, students can learn at their own speed, analysis problematic area or avoid forward if they need. Technology also offers more opportunities for careworn or disabled learners. Providing entrance to the internet contributes learners’ entrance to an extensive assortment of resource to lead inquiry in altered methods, results increase the engagement.
4. Encourages collaboration

Students are able to practice collaboration skills through getting elaborate in diverse online tasks. Example, working on different group projects by getting collaborated with others on discussion or forums, or sharing different leaflets or documents on their computer-generated learning environments. Technology inspires collaboration among students in the classroom, school and even other classrooms around the world as well.
5. Students can learn useful life skills through technology

Use of technology in the classroom is beneficial for both teachers as well as students to develop vital skills. Students can advance different skills by working with virtual activities to be successful in future. 21ST centuries learning is based on critical thinking, solving composite problems, collaborating with others, developing leadership and intellectual skills, cultivating motivation and proficiency as well. In addition, technology also enables to develop necessary capabilities such as, learning to identify different trustworthy sources from internet, writing e-mails, maintaining accurate online manners as well as creating creative and productive presentations. These capabilities are vital that can be established in the classrooms too.  
 6. Benefits for teachers

Technology enables to improve teaching, by applying numerous online resources. Teachers can apply different trusted applications to enrich traditional methods of schooling in order to keep students actively engaged on learning. Cybernetic lesson plans, online assessments, and grading software enables teachers to save their limited time. There could be enough time for working with struggling students. In addition, it allows cybernetic learning environment in schools that enriches collaboration as well as sharing information among teachers.
 The study concludes that, the 21st Century has made boundless progresses since then, and children of today have unique technology tools at their clearance, as today’s technology empowers students to learn at their own bound. Students can learn bestowing to their capabilities and needs. It is also greater for the teacher as it provides him/her enough time to effort independently with students who might be careworn.
Using technology at school has become a necessary across all grades k to 12, and through higher education as well.

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