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The possible harm that robots might cause humanity

September 27, 2019

According to new research, almost two thirds (60%) of British people believe there will be a robot in every home within the next 50 years and only a quarter of them can't imagine a life where a robot wouldn't be part of their family.
Almost every aspect of modern human life has been influenced by science and technology. Starting from the smartphone you hold in your hands to browse Facebook, up to the smart house you live in, there is at least two pieces of technology that has been made use of. The field of science and technology has advanced throughout the past decades and has changed our perspectives of life.
Helping the Disabled
Many robotic solutions have been introduced during the past decades, in order to help disabled people. Disability robots have been designed to help people recover from certain disease conditions and injuries.
Productive Work
Many high end factories make use of robots in order to make their production lines more efficient and time saving. These robots can perform more accurate and high quality work. Their quality build ensures that they rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers

Implementing Lean Principle
The lean principle implies creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The ultimate goal is to provide the perfect value to the customer through a perfect process that has zero waste. Robots are a good way to implement the lean principle in an industry.
Lazy People
People get robots to make their lives easy. However, do they make us lazy? People now-a-days hardly do any work involving true manual labour. In the modern context, there is less need for people to move around.
Over attachment
Giants in the robotics industry such as Japan and Korea, have started building humanoid robots. They are built in a manner to resemble the human body.
Loss of Jobs
Many companies and factories have turned towards the use of robots in their main processes as it is more cost effective. Robots have already begun replacing humans at an alarming rate

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