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The new face ID technology

September 03, 2019

The new face ID technology

The technology which will give your phone a technology to recognize your facewhile replacing the existing security by scanning your facial expression and acts as a password to unlock screen called as Face ID and provides better security than touch scan.

How Apple’s Face ID Works?

Apple Face ID brings new privacy and security to IPhone and more secure than other password techniques. For making Face ID apple needs new hardware to display at the top. Now the question is how exactly developers created the feature. Well the answer is given below:

Face ID Mobile Market is trending with new and latest mobile app development techniques which will leads to successful development. IPhone app industry is in huge demand as it always comes up with unique ideas and features that with proper security for the apps.

 It works similarly as Touch scanning but it is more useful as one can copy fingerprint once but can’t copy a facial expression, so it is much safer and easily accessible.

The technology that enables Face ID is some of the most advanced hardware and software that we've ever created. The TrueDepth camera captures accurate facedata by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face and also captures an infrared image of your face.

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