The most technological country in the world

September 11, 2019


Many countries are in world. the position of a country with world-class technology. technology is one of the weapons. technology is can help the country to build and create something easily. there are more countries are referred to ones of the technologically advanced countries. there are 15 countries with most advanced technology in the world. but I high late 3 country. such as ,japan, united states of America , Singapore.


Japan is a country that has potential in developing technology. this country developing is amazing. because people are more work to developing this country. recently it has invented a dimensional elevator of transport from one floor to another in the blink of an eye. Japanese technological advance to make a human life more convenient and easy. they are the convenient of laser gam the machine, this are making the country best in technology and developing science felid.

United states of America

This country are most fastest growing technological countries in the world. united states has develop the finest intelligence system in the world. this country was first advancement space technology, because first person to land on the moon was an American. America has intel, dell, and other companies that show an unlimited progress.


Nowadays Singapore are very good technological developments. the government has provided public facilities. this technology is a combination of coordination and cooperation between scientists, businessmen, and environmental community. Singapore is as well as the international world. Singapore advance in medicine, food science. Singapore is the most technologically advanced army in southeast Asia.


Japan united states of America and Singapore these three country are most technological country in the world . these countries are prepare a types of machinery and equipment.
(Hawwa Hamza/ ACFS batch 1)
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