The main problems of modern technologies: how dangerous can new technologies be for our environment?

September 12, 2019

The main problems of modern technologies: how dangerous can new technologies be for our environment?

The modern technology implicates a combination of different devices skills, and knowledge to generate and control a man-made world containing of artifacts and organizations connected with our working and living environment.
Occasionally we get so lost in the enthusiasm of emerging and using new technologies that we don't systematically observe their consequence on the environment around us.
Various technologies we use every single day consumes a lot more resources and power than they need to, as well as using and manufacturing them can produce an untidiness.
This study will highlights about the main issues of modern technologies and how harmful it could be for our environment.
 The ways that new technology can harm the environment
Water, heat, noise and air pollution can be produced by producing and using  technology.
Consuming resources
Non-renewable resources and precious metals like gold are used to make technology. As well as other resources such as coal, are expended to produce the electricity to use technology and even particular renewable resources, like water and trees are flattering polluted or are used up sooner than they can recommence themselves because of technology.
The process of developing technology produces greater extents of waste, and used computers and electronics will throw out when they break or become outmoded, called “techno-trash”. Such electronic materials includes entirely sorts of hazardous materials that are very dangerous for the environment.
Currently, “techno-trash” became the most rapidly-growing type of waste that can harm our environment in a concerned level. Conversely these toxic materials can leak into the ground where they can pollute the plants we eat, the water we drink, and the animals that live around the area as well.
Troublesome ecology
 Cutting down the trees and clearing lands where animals used to live in order to build factories and permitting pollution to pollute the food chain can significantly affect the environment's natural cycles.
Health hazards
By consuming contaminated materials can be harmful for our health, can cause various types of cancer and technology dependence can lead to other health issues such as fatness and carpal subway disorder.

It’s easy to undertake that every rise advancing in technology is a rise advancing in benefit though this is not constantly the situation. Technological modernization, mostly of the fast-paced kind we appreciate currently, is full of conceivable benefits but also fraught with danger.
This study accomplishes that new technology can be dangerous for our environment. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to inspire the manufacturers by selecting to buy more energy-efficient and less dangerous electronics as well as by supporting companies that make protecting the environment significance.

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