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The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

September 11, 2019

The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

                  In this assignment you are going to learn about the technology that teacher will use as assessment for evaluation during my period of leading teacher. It is really challenging work to choose the best technology for such thing. I need to think about the outcome of applying it and to ensure whether it is best technology for such thing. In order to choose the better one for my teachers I find idea from seniors who can help me in this field. In my opinion one of the best technologies that we can use for assessment is canvas.
         Canvas is a learning managing system (LMS) used by many schools, colleges, institution around the world. The features of this system can help enhance the education experience for both teachers and students beyond the physical room. Canvas is good for evaluation tasks as it is designed to run such works.

Teacher can provide assignments works

     Through canvas teacher can give assessments for students. In order to do that teacher need to create group of her or his class and uploading course tasks. Students who are enroll of the course work will see the update assignments. Teacher can explain the task and attach rubric with that. So, students will know what they have to do in given time.

Discussion forums and quizzes

         It is one of the best technologies for discussion forum and quizzes. Through discussion forums students learn many things such as problem solving skills, communication skills, thinking critically and many more. Teacher can create a discussion forum and quizzes. Teacher can use discussions to evaluate student’s engagement with specific course topics through their text, audio, or video- based responses to questions and prompts posed by their peers. Teacher can use quizzes to create a variety of question types to test his or her students learning in an exam format. There is also option to create formative self-assessments.

Canvas is one of the best and safe technologies that teachers can apply in their classroom for assessment for evaluation. Through this plat form students will learn many digital skills. Also for teachers it is one of the best way to keep documents safely.

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