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The Day I Become the Leading Teacher

September 10, 2019

The Day I Become the Leading Teacher
Successful Leader Teacher is that leadership School leaders are under considerable pressure to demonstrate the contribution of their work to school improvement, which has resulted in the creation of a wide range of assessment and evaluation works and literature which addresses leadership in the context of school improvement.

Google Apps for the assessment and evaluation works by observing and checking for teachers work” is one of the best solutions for messaging, collaboration, interactive learning and online classroom by Google. 
The Education edition of Google Apps is equipped with all necessary tools for communication, collaboration, documentation, and storage, sharing, learning and high security. Google Apps for Education includes Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts, Drive Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. 
First of all, teachers can use the Google Form to create a test with multiple-choice or text-based questions. They can then easily share it with a class or embed an entire test/exam on Google Sites and leading teachers are easily check teachers work and students result too. Teachers can use Google Calendar and add all the classes, time table or upcoming events to it. 
Google Docs is a very interactive app with lots of new features, such as research, add-on, embed gadgets and more. Furthermore, teachers can create documents, store it online, in drive and share with leading teachers with a choice of access. Google Hangout can be used by end-users or teachers for taking online classes. Classes can be recorded and saved in the class-specific YouTube channel. 
Google Apps is designed to provide educational institutions with a safe platform for data, offering better security and reliability than most schools could achieve on their own. Google Apps for Education includes dozens of security features specifically designed to keep data safe, secure. For example, Google Apps offers an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication, which greatly reduces the risk of hackers stealing usernames and passwords. Your data belongs to you and you have full control over how data is shared and who it is shared with. Google’s data centre network provides exceptional security and guarantees reliable access to your data. 
Google Apps for Education can help streamline academic tasks like essay writing and class scheduling. Because everything is 100% powered by the web, emails, documents, calendar and sites can be accessed and edited anytime, anywhere on almost any device. By removing time-consuming bottlenecks, Google Apps for Education frees you up to spend more time on learning and teaching, making it an ideal environment for learning in the 21st century. 
Switching to Google Apps for Education can help your school save significant costs. In addition to Google Apps for Education licenses being. To keep tools up to date, all you need to do is use an internet browser. Apps are updated every time you log in, so you automatically get the newest features as soon as they’re ready. This means students, teachers and administrators always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates, without incurring additional costs or hassle. 
Teachers are familiar with the tools outside of school, using them in a school setting comes as second nature to many. This is especially true with email as the majority of students already use Gmail for personal use. This existing familiarity means that for the user, migrating to Google Apps is often not a migration at all. 
In addition to minimizing IT-related expenses, Google Apps for Education can help your school reduce its environmental impact. For example, Collaborative tools such as chat and shared documents help students and teachers reduce extraneous printing, travel costs between campuses and your overall environmental footprint. 

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