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Technology solve the Crises of Higher Education

September 10, 2019

Can Technology solve the Crises of Higher Education?

ICT allows students to monitor and manage their own learning, think critically and creatively, solve simulated real-world problems, work collaboratively, engage in ethical decision-making, and adopt a global perspective towards issues and ideas. It also provides students from remote areas access to expert teachers and learning resources, and gives administrators and policymakers the data and expertise they need to work more efficiently. Teachers who have to Crises of Higher Education problem solve you pull together. ICT teachers are collaborating. Are you an outstanding ICT teacher who wants to work for a rapidly growing technology organization set up to provide help? Then use your skills to empower young people to make things and solve problems using computers by working. Evaluate and facilitate students' use of tools and applications to collaborate, access information, and communicate to analyze and solve problems.
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies. ICT tool is a very useful thing to solve our problems. We can enjoy but avoid using it too much and we need to limit using ICT tools. We all know that ICT tools have bad effects on us too. Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems often utilising cloud computing, reducing reliance on the user. Instead, they need to be skilled at collaborating, constructing deep subject-matter knowledge, solving real-world problems, using information and communication technologies (ICT) in powerful ways, other “21st century skills” that traditional schooling models rarely promote helps teachers build opportunities for students to develop these skills in their classroom.
Teachers are doing their jobs. These days they are expected to do more with our children than their counterparts in previous decades. I believe teachers can help our educational system because we need jobs. Once the unemployment problem is solved then maybe we can pay our teachers what they are worth for all they do! This provides jobs for students the knowledge for those who graduate from high school and for those who advance their education at college. 

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