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Technologies that make people's lives safer

September 09, 2019

Technologies that make people's lives safer:

         Technology is such an integral part of our daily lives today. Advances in technology have transformed almost all the sectors making things more convenient.

           Technology has made travel safe with tools like GPS location trackers and emergency safety apps. There are many apps like Safetipin, Smart24*7, and bSafe that allow contacts to follow you through a live GPS trail, send panic alerts to emergency contacts or provide directions for safe locations, etc.
Online Banking:
 Online banking has quickly become one of the safest ways to make your payments, or transfer funds in a fast, convenient and secure way. With features like IMPS, NEFT and RTGS

Finding Lost Phones:
          All the major tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have the necessary tracking apps installed on all their smartphones now that can let you get hold of your missing phone and prevent confidential data from getting stolen.

Fighting Crimes:
           There have been many cases of police solving crimes based on tips from Facebook or Twitter posts. Technology today has enabled them to engage with the public at large and share useful information. 

Wireless Home Security:
here are alarms and camera systems that you can connect to your smartphone via an app. You can then simply monitor and keep a tab on the happenings at your place. Motions sensors help to detect movement in rooms and hallways and can alert you of any intruders. 


          Technology is transforming the transportation sector, especially industries like oil and gas or mining that operate in remote and difficult environments. Centralized communication networks and digitization have tremendously helped in providing logistics support by streamlining equipment delivery to various locations at the designated time while ensuring safety at the same time

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